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Help caring for your family

Picking a health plan is a big decision. No matter what, you want to know your family is in the best hands. At Kaiser Permanente, our highly skilled doctors personalize care based on the right treatment for you and your family — and you’ll know that your care is covered.

Personalized care from a team that knows you

Your allergies are acting up. Your son’s earache is back. Your mother forgot to take her diabetes medication. When your family needs help, your care team is there. Schedule a telehealth visit or call us anytime and talk to a Kaiser Permanente caregiver who knows about your family’s conditions, medications, and allergies — and what you’ll need to feel better.


Your to-do list just got shorter

With online access to your health records, you don’t have to jump through hoops — for yourself or the people you care for.

No carrying around medical charts, test results, prescription details, and allergy lists


No need to write down your doctor’s instructions at every visit

No time-consuming paperwork or claims to file1

No visiting multiple locations to see your doctor and the pediatrician, get lab tests, and pick up prescriptions1

No need to keep track of screenings and immunizations


Comprehensive maternity care

We’ll make sure you feel supported, empowered, and prepared for your new arrival. From helping you make a personalized birth plan to care that’s proven to prevent common complications and unnecessary procedures.


Get more done, with less stress

“I love practicing at Kaiser Permanente because we decide what care plan we’re going to have for the patient — and by ‘we,’ I mean the patient and [me] and the family.”

Head and neck surgeon, Kaiser Permanente


Good health happens together. Come thrive with us.

When you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, you’re at the center of everything we do — from pioneering new ways to treat cancer to helping create a healthier future for our communities.

Learn about our approach to specialty care

See how we support total health in your community

Choose a partner that puts you first

Find a health plan that works for you — and care that fits your life.

Are you losing your coverage? We’ll help you keep the same great care. Learn more


The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented are applicable to the individuals depicted. Not all programs described here are suitable for all patients. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others.
Kaiser Permanente app pictures are for illustration purposes only. Your experience may differ. The content shown is not professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.

1When you get care from Kaiser Permanente facilities.

2These features are available when you get care from Kaiser Permanente facilities. To use the Kaiser Permanente app, you must be a member registered on

3When appropriate and available. Available when you get care from Kaiser Permanente facilities. If you travel out of state, phone appointments and video visits may not be available due to state laws that may prevent doctors and health care providers from providing care across state lines. Laws differ by state. To have a video visit, members must be registered on and have a camera-equipped computer or mobile device.